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Tensile Membrane

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Your Ultimates Solution for Lightweight Structure

ferrari recontraint logoPrecontraint® Ferrari: an exclusive patented technology
What exactly is Precontraint® Ferrari coated textile?
– a high-tenacity polyester weave
– coated under constant tension both in warp and weft throughout the whole manufacturing cycle
– a thicker layer of high-performance polymer on top of the yarn
– an anti-dirt surface treatment
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Exclusive Precontraint® features
– outstanding dimensional stability
– similar behaviour in warp and weft direction
– limited creep
– thicker top coat for better durability
– consistency of dimensional behaviour between batchesf2

– Flexibility and strength
– Heat and weather protection
– High UV resistance
– Permanent translucence
– Wide range of colours
– Facade blinds, awings
– Canopies
– Shade sails
– Light structures
faColours range meets current architectural trends

 Colour for creativity

  • A palette of 40 colours including metallic finishes and interferential colours
  • 5 colour collections to give up personally to the most varied designs
  • A unique range coordinated with other Serge Ferrari products to harmonise blinds, facades and other textile coverings
fbProtects from external attack, maintains natural light supply

High-Performance thermal protection

  • The wide range of colours enables selection to each specific location and:
  • contributes to optimised user comfort
  • enhances the aesthetic aspirations of each project
fcDurability and reliability guaranteed by Precontraint Serge Ferrari® technology

Proven Robustness

  • Flexibility and strength providing total freedom of shape and size
  • High UV resistance due to rigorous pigment selection
  • Easy upkeep ensured by a very smooth finish and an innovative surface treatment